Our Mission

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer from various forms of depression. Their friends and family also feel the effects. But depression can be managed and cured and lives can be improved. Our objective is to create and publish relevant information that helps relieve the symptoms and pain of depression, encourages people to seek therapy and treatment, and removes the stigma that is associated with the disorder.

The team at Depression.org includes university researchers, therapists and clinicians, scientists, and other specialized experts. They are dedicated to providing access to new research and treatments to educate and inform our readers. Content is evidence-based and is written to present cutting-edge research and advancements in an understandable and usable format.

Genetics, the environment, psychology, and biochemistry all factor into depression. Every day there are new research findings, scientific discoveries, and successful treatments. And every day, Depression.org educates and informs people who are touched by this mental health condition.